when do you think you'll post caps of the new kimi ni todoke chapter :)?

from Anonymous

Eheh good question !

The raw of ch.88 is out but not the English translation. There is a big spoiler in this chapter so this time I won’t make mangacaps until when the English translation isn’t out. (Just for saying, I’m waiting crazily for the translation !!! my god)
This time I won’t be mean with posting spoilers… lol

Then in these days I was waiting for the raw of ch.89 and finally they came out!
Thanks to your message I went straight for looking at them and Yes! Finally I can edit some pictures !

So within few days I’ll post some mangacaps :)

However, from ch.88 I have a colored page I want to edit and share, but you have to wait a bit before that I’ll post it !
Editing a colored image it takes me such a long time!

um, could you possibly recommend me manga similar to honeyxhoney drops?

from mintyprincess


Honeyxhoney drops is under smut, shoujo and romance genre of manga so I’m going to recommend you some mangas under this genres
(you’re looking for this kind of manga, am I right?)

From the same author I recommend you to read Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu !
Akuma no eros
Iinchou no Himegoto
Bokura ga Ita
Black bird
Cosplay Animal
Koakuma Cafe
Lovey Dovey
Ookami ni kuchizuke

Enjoy !

Notte Themes     ☾