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Welcome to my blog of my manga picture edits ! Mostly shoujo mangacap but also shounen and more. Monochrome and colored. Enjoy your stay ~♫


Naruto Uzumaki - Back evolution 
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F   R   E   E   !   -   Requested by anon
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Ao Haru Ride 5-36 by kyrlu

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  Anonymous said:
Do you know any good shoujo Manga blogs?

  Anonymous said:
Whats are some of your favorite romance mangas of all time?

ohhhhh Kimi ni todoke ALL the way !

but also :

  • Elemental Gelade as second favorite

And the following in random order:

  • Gosick
  • Strobe edge
  • Orange
  • Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu
  • Namida Usagi
  • Hiyokoi
  • Faster than a kiss
  • Hatsukare
  • Last game
  • Shinshi doumei Cross
  • Ikoku meiro no croisée
  • Kamichama karin
  • Kyou no kira kun
  • Watashi ni xx shinasai

yep definitely these are my favorite of ever (´ ▽`).。o♡

  Anonymous said:
Do you know some mangas where the main character has younger or older sibling that's better than him with everything and he is loved by everyone and that makes the main character feel worthless or something similar??(sorry for bothering)

Romantica clock manga would be the manga for you !

Also Momoyama kyodai manga, but they are cousins in truth !

it’s not a bother ! I’m sorry indeed because I can recommend you only those two XD

theclassynerdchica said: what manga is it so I can read it too?

It’s called 3D Kanojo ! (as I wrote in the tag). Really recommended !!