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Hello :3 I really like your blog it's sho pretty >w< I wanted to ask if you could recommend me a completed shoujo manga with good art? I'm looking for some pretty eyecandy to read ehe XD Thanks in advance~ ;3

Hello! aww thank you lovely!!

Look, some days ago I created a new page for my complete manga recommendation, (click here to see it) which it shows a image for each manga. Have a look! so you can directly choose the manga with the art that catch your eyes ^w^

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Hellooo ^~^ how's your day? I hope it's swell. c: I was wondering if you could recommend some anime/mangas too me, please? *-* I'm pretty new too it! My favourite it Kaichou Wa Maid Sama. ♡ so things similar too that maybe? o: I've seen and read both Ouran and Vampire Knight. c: thank you very much! :*

Helloooo! ooh my day was good! thank you for asking :3 aww you’re so kind!!

Sure! My pleasure to help you ^w^ Kaichou wa maid sama it’s one of my favorite manga too!

So this is what I recommend you:

  • Dengeki daisy
  • Rere hello
  • Last game
  • Skip beat
  • Toradora
  • Tonari no Kiabutsu-kun
  • Pika ichi
  • Barajou no kiss
  • Kyou koi wo hajimemasu
  • L-DK

Hope this helps^^ Have a lovely day !


I guessed the messages are together XD
So you already saw my list of strong lead female, right? if you have already read all of those mangas, unfortunately there isn’t more I can add…

For your specific question though, with a strong female lead and with that kind of relationship between the main leads, let me think for more (sorry if it’s not so accurate or if I’ll write again twice some names. I also hope that you don’t mind if at a certain point, like at the end of the manga, the main lead ends up togheter):

  • Toradora
  • Masamune kun no revenge (it’s a triangle love but..it’s similar to what you’re looking for)
  • Last game
  • Nisekoi (harem though, but from the beginning two of them fake their relationship so.. somehow similar?)
  • Last game
  • Dengeki Daisy (well she accept her feelings, but they don’t end up quickly)
  • Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu (same as Dengeki Daisy)
  • Shinshi Doumei Cross (quite the same as Dengeki Daisy)
  • Tonari no kaibutsu kun

I hope I helped you somehow!

Btw, ohh I’m glad to hear you liked Orange!! It’s really a great and unique manga, I love it !

Hello! I'm reading Hirunaka no Ryuusei but I know it's going to end soon. And I'm looking for manga like it. You know something? I mean, where could be male character like Shishio or female like Suzume? And if you know something like Usagi Drop I'll be happy if you could tell me! I alredy know Yajirobee.

Hi there! Yes HnR is ending soon! chapter 78 or 79 I heard !

So let me think,

Manga similar as Hirunaka no ryuusei, for the student/teacher relationship:

  • Daisuki Datta yo, Sensei… 
  • Chocolate Cosmos
  • Sensei ni ageru

For the triangle love story: (here)

But…Characters as Shishio or Suzume… I don’t know, sorry I can’t think of any like them xd

And just the other day I wrote a list of manga where the leads take care of a child, like in Usagi drop, I’ll copy for you^^

  • Aishiteruze Baby
  • Faster than a kiss
  • Love so life
  • I add now: Barakamon (which not exactly as them but to me it fits)

I hope I was able to help you!

hi~~ i want to ask a question~ can you recommend any kind of manga that the otp is lover in past that met again in the future? thanks!!


  • Ao haru ride (not lover but they had feelings for each other in the past, and they meet again in the future)
  • Koizora
  • Black bird (also here, they weren’t lover in the past but they become after)
  • Hajimari no niina (it’s a bit special this one)
  • Chihayafuru (the 3 of them meet again in the future, so no lovers at the beginning but, try it out)
  • Blue (Chiba Kozue) (all the 4 friends meets again in the future but now I don’t remember if some of theme were a couple in the past)
  • Bokura ga ita (but not 100% sure)

Sorry at the end, I recommended you different mangas I’m not 100% sure about them XD but let’s say that I’ll let you discover them? ^^

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