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Make me choose: Shiharu Nakamura or Tohru Honda asked by teasugarsalt.

  Anonymous said:
Do you have any recommendations for manga with similar plots to orange (takano ichigo)?:D I love your blog btw!!

Hi Hi ! oh my THANK you lovely ❤

Unfortunately I don’t know any manga with a similar plot as Orange (coz it’s pretty unique) but, I hope it’s okay anyway for you, I’d like to recommend you manga which are somehow similar to Orange:

  • Full Moon wo Sagashite
  • Bokura ga ita
  • Hajimari no niina
  • Hal (Ayase Umi)
  • Kamichama Karin
  • After School Nightmare
  • Clannad (there is a manga but I recommend the anime)

Plus, if you love the art, Takano ichigo drew a manga called Yumemiru taiyou, which I love and recommend ! ^^

  Anonymous said:
I really think that somewhere in the end of "True Love" Yuzuru and Ai's parents will tell them that they aren't real brother and sister or something like that.But that's just my guess idk

yeah that would be good for Ai and Yuzuru !

It might happen yeah, but I actually prefer if isn’t not gonna happen because, okay, love between siblings has never been seen as a good thing, it’s better to not have child together BUT you can’t choose who to fall in love. If it’s happend to love your brother or sister, I don’t see anything wrong in that (but most of people see something wrong). You can have a relationship just being someone’s side. This is a shape of love in my opinion.
So to me, if they really are sibling until the end, it’s a good and new message to the people who read mangas!

btw, thanks for sharing your thoughts with me ^w^